Greeley Home Security System Installation

Greeley Business IT & Computer Repair

Evolution Computers offers professional security camera and alarm system installation for the home or business. Our professional technicians will set up the video surveillance, run all cables from the cameras to DVR, make all low voltage electrical and video connections and make sure that the cameras are aimed, focused and adjusted properly. We will also setup remote access to view the camera system from anywhere.

We offer a free initial consultation in order to figure out the customer needs depending on the location of cameras and/ or alarm system. We will recommend a camera and/or alarm system that will fit the needs of customer. Once the system is purchased by the customer, Evolution Computers will professionally install the system and setup any additional network connections. Alarm systems can be connected to a monitoring system or if the customer can monitor and administer the system themselves.

Price Estimate will be determined by the number of cameras, length of wire drops, and overall scale of project. Typically we charge $100-150/ per camera drop. Alarm system normally follow the same process.

Give us a call today (970) 672-4662 to get started on your camera and/or alarm system consultation!