Greeley | Fort Collins Business IT Support Packages

Greeley Business IT & Computer Repair

Evolution Computers offers hourly, monthly or yearly IT support packages for all your IT needs. Duties include dealing with technology related-vendors, training staff on applications, consulting and designing business solutions, repairing workstations and servers, restoring lost files – basically anything you would want your IT staff to handle. Evolution Computers will handle it, in order for you spend less time dealing with IT problems, and more time running your business.

  • IT Support includes:
  • Hourly Rates
    For businesses with specific issues that need to be addressed immediately and completely.
  • Emergency Support
    We are always ready to help when emergency problems arise.
  • Monthly Contracts
    We provide discounted rates on monthly service contracts. In most cases number of hours per month range between 10- 40 depending on needs of the business. Contracts can be changed at any time in order for you to get best value of service.