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Remote Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Create a Disaster Plan to ensure your data is safe from any catastrophe!

Evolution Computers has remote data protection solutions for small to medium size organizations. We automate the process ensuring that critical data is always secure and available. A remote backup service such as a cloud service is an important part of a responsible data protection plan. It can make sure your business is safe from the kind of catastrophic failure that can destroy your records so easily.

In today’s business world you can insure most equipment against just about any catastrophe. What would happen if you lost all the data on your computers, backups and all? Think about it…data such as your accounts receivables, accounts payable, inventory counts, work in progress, quotes, client/patient and supplier databases and historical data that you have built over the years…all gone! Would your business survive?

Accidents do happen… lightning strikes, buildings burn down, flooding occurs, and thieves steal. Computer viruses inflict destruction. Backups can, and do, fail. Yes you could replace your computer tomorrow. But how long would it take to re-enter all the business data that your very livelihood depends on? Weeks? Months? What would the cost be? Do you have all the systems in place and the paper trail to allow you to do it?

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